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  • Waco Educational Article of the Month - How To Get House Mice Out Of Your Attic?

How To Get House Mice Out Of Your Attic?

How To Get House Mice Out Of Your Attic?

The Waco mouse is a very common pest animal which lives among us and does little other than proving to be a constant source of annoyance. They prey on our food, defecate, run around the house and on the attic overhead. While the mice that we can see can be taken care of with the help of traps, exclusion methods, etc. but those who live in the attic are a little out of reach and we have to go that extra mile to eliminate them. Mice live in the attic because they are warm and dark and not frequented by humans making it a haven for their breeding and survival.

Trap types
There are a variety of traps that you can use in order to get rid of the mouse. The most common ones used are snap traps, glue traps and live traps. In snap traps it takes very little disturbance to trigger them and kills of a mouse instantly. After it is dead, use a pair of gloves and a plastic bag to dispose them off safely. In glue traps, the trap itself is superglue which you can simply place in your attic. Whenever a Waco mouse goes over it gets trapped in the glue, and the more it struggles the more trapped it gets. Tale the superglue traps out of your house and set the mouse free outside. Live traps are the most common traps used in which the Texas mice are lured into the cage with a bait. When they trap chewing on the bait it triggers a locking mechanism via which the trap door shuts and the mouse is trapped.

Getting of them from up there!
You know there are Waco mice in the attic when you can hear them scamper around when everything is quiet in the house. You can go up to the attic and set up traps accordingly and get rid of the Texas mice. Ensure that you remove the trapped mice as soon as possible so that the other mice cannot perceive these traps as danger and explore them in the future. Getting rid of them quickly is of utmost importance as well since the mice are prolific breeders and if the problem is not taken care of quickly, there may be a mice infestation in the attic soon.

Check points for the future
Also remember to block of the potential entry and exit points with a steel wire mesh so that there are no potential intrusions in the future. When you get rid of them all, clean up the attic with a strong disinfectant and follow it up regularly so that the smell keeps the Texas mice away.

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