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Bat Repellents

Bat Repellents

Have you already got rid of the Waco bats and want to ensure that they don’t come back? Use these bat repellents- be it natural, chemical or electronic these can be effective in keeping away these annoying creatures. Although most of them have some drawbacks and the best way to eliminate is to catch hold of them and release them someplace far away.

Some of the most popular bat repellents are:

Using Moth Balls
The cheapest and an effective way to keep Waco bats away is by using moth balls. Fill in some nylon hosiery in them and hang them around the places where you expect bats to enter from. The problem with using these moth balls are that they are effectively with only a few species of Texas bats, and the repellent is not strong enough to keep them off limits permanently and they will come back soon.

Using Bright Lights
An effective way to keep Waco bats away is by installing bright lights at the entry points of the bats to your home. It is not effective all the time as Texas bats are efficient in finding out dark corners in the room. Using bright lights also attract pests and other insects which are attracted to bright light.

Using special exclusion devices
Bats which have developed quite a colony in the attic can be difficult to get rid of and for that we use tools which are known as exclusion devices. These devise are designed in a way which facilitates an easy exit for the bats but prevent them from coming back. These exclusion devices installed at suspected entry points can effectively keep the Texas bats away.

Using Electronic Repellents
These repellents are used to emit sounds of varying frequencies which keep on changing in pitch and volume. These sound waves are ultrasonic in nature so that humans are not affected by it, but the constantly changing pitch and volume patterns affects the bats behavior and they might consider it an annoyance and fly away someplace else. Electronic repellents might not work in some cases as the Texas bats can adjust to the sound patterns and continue living.

Using Chemical Repellents
When these devices fail to make much of an impact we can always use them along with chemical sprays. Made using organic products these are available in both spray and granular forms, which release an odor which is undesirable for Waco bats and they stay away from the place.

Are these repellents really effective? Best way forward
To be honest the effectiveness of these repellents are on the wane every passing day as the Waco bats have started growing immune to them. The best way forward to catch the bats in a specially designed Texas bat trap, take them outside someplace where there is no human habitation- for example the woods or some rocky formation and release them there. Bats love to live in trees and caves around these rock formations as they are cool, there is little penetration of sunlight- and it is their natural home as well. Release them somewhere which resembles their natural habitat is the best way forward.

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